Learning to Ski in New Zealand

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Skiing. I had done it on the water with fat skis that would wiggle and jump and sometimes pitch me face first into the water. I had seen it on TV, with skiers launching themselves into scary heights hoping their strapped-in ankles wouldn’t snap like dry twigs upon landing. And I’d heard about it from […]

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Travel Stories: My First (Scary) Night in Madagascar

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  That night, Madagascar greeted me at the airport with a thick, smoky darkness, a gruff one-toothed driver and a taxi with a door that flew open around corners. I had arrived in south-west Madagascar to live and work amongst the Vezo fisher folk who subsisted entirely off the spoils of the Toliara reef system. […]

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Love it or loathe it: Queenstown

A lot of people, when quizzed about the New Zealand’s south island, would wax poetic about places like Milford Sound and Wanaka, and would be very quick to dismiss Queenstown with words like ‘flashy’ and ‘crowded’ being thrown around. Coupled with it’s world-wide reputation of being ‘the adrenaline capital’, you imagine it to be a […]

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A Campervan Adventure in Tekapo and Wanaka

Everybody and their Grandmother hires a campervan or motorhome when they touch ground on the South Island in New Zealand. Whether it is a monstrous beast that puts Howl’s Moving Castle to shame, or a glorified trash heap that is more moving garbage can than car, there is a reason for this transportation trend. I […]

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Getting Steamy in Rotorua

I am a serial over planner. I read reviews on TripAdvisor, scour through blog posts, flip through Lonely Planets, and sometimes even venture onto the second page of Google to troll through even MORE information. That is true research dedication right there. If Googling travel destinations was a legitimate hobby, I would be the president […]

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The Places That Make Up My Brisbane

You can poke your toes into the water, or you can dive right in. The first five years of living with Brisbane, I poked my toes in, shuddered, and declared that I hated the water. The last year, I threw on my most flamboyant swimming suit, grinned to my friends, grabbed their hands, and jumped […]

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22 Signs you’re a Traveling Hipster

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Let me just preface this article to say that I am completely guilty of all of these hipster-esk behaviors. I basically just wrote this article about myself. Beards, flannel and craft beer forever! 1. The worst thing about heading off on a round the world adventure: Saying goodbye to your barista. 2. You lug around […]

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How to Do Tropical Islands Right

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Despite now having a degree in Geography, I went through a good portion of my life (ahem..twenty years) thinking that islands just floated around on the top of the sea. When asked why they didn’t move around, I concluded that they must be anchored to the sea floor by tree roots. Even when I sadly […]

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25 Things That Happen When You Come Home

Some strange things happen when you touch down on home soil after a life changing trip. Once the initial joy of eating all the things you missed (lollies!) has subsided, you are left weeping into your wallet when you spot a rupee or a euro. It is a hard and trying time and what do […]

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